Individual Support

Are you looking for Microsoft project support or do you need an 
expert for individual training or consulting? You're welcome.

FastTrack for Azure

Design and deploy your projects at scale—with confidence.
Learn how to get expert help with FastTrack for Azure to accelerate your cloud deployments and minimize risk at the same time.


Btw: It is for free for eligible projects.

ASHCI Remote Support ARC extension

The Remote Support Arc extension, shown as Edge Remote Support in the Azure portal, can expedite setup time and enhance support issue resolution. 
This capability happens by pre-installing the remote support agent on all nodes of the cluster. Additionally, it supports the configuration of scheduled tasks for Just Enough Administration (JEA).

Azure Stack HCI observability

Azure Stack HCI observability refers to the ability to monitor and understand the behavior of the Azure Stack HCI system.

Observability in Azure Stack HCI is important because it enables the collection of telemetry and diagnostic information from the system. This information helps Microsoft gain valuable insights into the system's behavior, which can be used to identify and fix potential problems.

Trainer and Consultants

Do you need a real Azure Stack HCI expert who you can book for in-house or external training, whether at the sales or technical level?
Are you in the middle of a project implementation and simply can't get anywhere because you still lack the necessary knowledge?
These Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) offer their services as independent freelancers and are either personally known to me or have been highly recommended.


German and English


German and English

van der Peijl

Dutch and English

Azure Stack HCI Commercial Sales Specialists

Are you a system integrator with big ambitions in the field of Azure Stack HCI and need support? 
Are you a commercial customer, interested in Azure Stack HCI, and need help finding a qualified Microsoft partner or a Microsoft point of contact? 
We're here to help.

Le Roux

France, United Kingdom
and rest of EMEA


Benelux and Nordics


Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Australia, New Zealand
and India


North America



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