Tech Readiness Documents

There's so much to learn about Azure Stack HCI, and these documents will give you the best possible insight
into the Azure Stack HCI technology.

Azure Stack HCI Security Book

With Azure Stack HCI, both hardware and software work together to help protect sensitive data from the core of your server all the way to the cloud. This level of protection helps keep your organization’s data and IT infrastructure secure. See the layers of protection in the attached PDF to get a brief overview of our security priorities.

Azure Stack HCI Pitch Deck L200

Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 offers a lot of additional benefits and functionalities. This semi-technical deck is giving an overview of Azure Stack HCI 23H2 from strategy via deployment, management, security to licensing.

Azure Virtual Desktop L300 Presentation

Azure Virtual Desktop is a modern way to offer virtual desktops deployed and managed via the Azure portal. This technical deck provides a deep insight into the architecture and usecases including the integration of Azure Stack HCI for on-premises usage.

Arc Architecture Posters and Diagrams

"We heard from the community loud and clear that they are missing more L300-400 content, explaining to them how things work. To answer the need, the team stepped up to challenge to provide the community with these high-quality assets", Lior Kamrat (Microsoft).

Moving VDI deployments to ASHCI

Helpful blog by John Kelbley: "What I will focus on is how to migrate an existing VDI deployment to AVD on HCI (I haven’t seen any guidance yet on that!)."

Imaging/rollout/manage AVD/ASHCI with Hydra

Hydra for AVD is the one-stop solution for managing and operating AVD in a clever and easy way. Hydra supports administrators in managing user sessions, creating images without losing the Golden Master, deploying and re-deploying session hosts, and automating daily tasks with a powerful and easy-to-use engine.

Build guest clusters on Azure Stack HCI

With Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions becoming more common, many customers are now concerned with building clusters on top of those environments. In this article, Flo Fox (Microsoft) explains how to build a guest HCI cluster and why traditional approaches don’t work.

Unregister ASHCI 23H2 from Azure Arc

With Azure Stack HCI 23H2, the connection to Azure Arc became an unescapable requirement during the OS deployment. If deployment failed or you had some networking issues to Azure, like misconfigured Proxy, you may want to unregister and reregister your Azure Stack HCI 23H2 nodes to Azure Arc.

Manage AVD on Azure Stack HCI with Hydra

Hydra is a solution to manage Azure Virtual Desktop for one or more tenants. It's a working solution and can be installed in any subscription. The solution can be used at your own risk and without the right of indemnity. However, I am trying to publish the preview releases in high quality. Marcel Meurer, MVP

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